Казки та оповідання В.О.Сухомлинського – Fairy – tales and stories of V.O.Sukhomlinskyi



Херсонської обласної ради


Казки та оповідання В.О.Сухомлинського


Fairy – tales and stories of V.O.Sukhomlinskyi


Для студентів 1 курсу

спеціальності: 5. 01010201 «Початкова освіта»

 денної форми навчання


Берислав, 2015

ББК 84.4.Укр 6

К 14

Схвалено методичною радою КВНЗ «Бериславський педагогічний коледж імені В. Ф. Беньковського» Херсонської обласної ради (протокол № 7 від 25.04.2014 р.)


Укладачі: викладачі іноземної філології,  студенти  ІІ курсу (Вечірко В., Бурнашова Л., Азарова А., Косаревська О., Аннас С., Килюшик Г., Кучеренко Ю., Бондар К.)


Климович Маргарита


– кандидат педагогічних наук, директор КВНЗ «Бериславський педагогічний коледж імені

В. Ф. Беньковського» Херсонської обласної ради



К 14  Казки та оповідання В.О.Сухомлинського [Текст] : навч.-метод. посіб. / уклад. студенти ІІ курсу, викладачі іноземної філології – Берислав : БПК, 2015. – С. 23.: іл.


Посібник складається з казок та оповідань, які перекладені студентами на англійську мову з використанням лексичного мінімуму початкової школи, матеріал для запам’ятовування основних граматичних форм і вироблення навичок їхнього застосування.

Посібник містить ілюстрації до казок виконані студентами коледжу.

Для студентів І курсів вищих навчальних закладів при вивченні предмету «Іноземна мова» для позакласного читання.

© Бериславський педагогічний коледж, упорядкування, 2015


1. The sparrows cry because of cold. Це горобці плачуть від холоду


2. A Good wish. Добре слово 4
3. Borsch with a loaf of fresh bread. Борщ зі скибкою свіжого хліба 6
4. Because I am a person. Бо я – людина. 8
5. A grey-hair. Сива волосина 10
6. A Drop of aWater.   Краплина води 12
7. An Оrder to Children. Наказ дітям 13
8. An old man and death. Дідусь і Смерть 15
9. The lost day. Втрачений день 17
10. The Morning wind. Ранковий вітерець 19
11. Good morning. Доброго ранку 19
12. A Bunny and blueberry. Зайченя і горобина 20
13. To avoid butterfly’s injury. Щоб метелик не наколовся 21


The sparrows cry because of cold

One winter morning small Yarynka went to the garden. It was very frosty. The birds were nowhere to be seen.  There were not even the sparrows.

Where did the sparrows hide? – thought Yarynka.

She came to the house and stood under the roof. She heard the twittering of a sparrow. And then   the small drops fell on the ground like a small necklace.

What is it? – thought Yarynka?

And she guessed that the sparrows cry because of cold and their tears freeze and fall on the ground like an icy necklace.

What poor sparrows these are!


A Good wish

One old woman had got a little daughter. When the girl was five, she got sick: she caught a cold, began to cough and became sicker and sicker. Relatives began to come to ruthful mother: Olha’s aunts, uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers. Everyone brought something tasty and healthy: linden honey and sweet butter, fresh forest berries and nuts, quail eggs and chicken’s wing broth. They said: “You might eat healthy food, breathe fresh air and your disease would go into forests and marshes!”;lu


Малюнок Степаненко О., 142 група

    Olha ate honey combs and sweet butter, fresh forest berries and nuts, quail eggs and chicken’s wing broth.  But it didn’t help – a girl hardly got up.

One day all relatives gathered together near a sick girl. Grandfather Opanas said:

“I couldn’t imagine what had happened with her! What would we have to do?

Suddenly the door was opened and great-grandma Nadia (100- years old woman) came in. The relatives forgot about her, because she sat at home and didn’t go anywhere. Nadia had heard about great-grandchild’s disease and decided to visit her.

She went to great-grandchild’s bed, sat on the chair, took Olha’s hand in her wrinkly little hand and said: “I had neither honey combs, nor sweet butter, neither fresh forest berries nor nuts, neither quail eggs nor chicken’s wing. I become older, I couldn’t see anything. I brought, my dear, great-grandchild, the only gift, the heart wish.  I had the only wish in my heart that you, my dear flower, would get better and be happy for bright sun!

There was so strong power of love in this good wish, that little Olha’s heart was beating more often, the chicks got pink and appeared happiness in her eyes.

“- I saw that she needed in, said grandfather Opanas. – She needed a good wish”.


Borsch with a loaf of fresh bread

    One mother has two sons – a Slogger and a Slacker. A Slogger went to work in the field, but a Slacker went to sleep under the pear tree…



Малюнок Корнієвської В., 231 група

Mother thought: “What have I prepare for my dear sons”. She made borsch with a fresh cabbage, sour cream, fresh dill and with beetroots. Also she baked fresh and odorous bread. Mother sat near the table, waited for her sons. The sun had already risen on the evening sky, but her dearest son a Slogger didn’t come back.

A Slacker was tired, he wanted to eat but they had to wait for a Slogger. Mother gave dinner for brothers at the same time.

A Slogger had cоme back. He washed his face, changed his clothes and sat at the table with his brother Slacker.

Their mother poured some borsch into two bowls and cut some bread. There was a smell of borsch and fresh bread in the kitchen. A Slogger thanked his mother:

-Oh, you’ve made so tasty borsch!

A Slogger ate his portion and asked for one more. A Slacker ate only one spoonful – grimaced – the next he put the spoon on the table and said to his mother:

  • Why is your borsch so tasteless?
  • My dear, you have to go to the field tomorrow, – mother said, – and then my borsch with fresh bread will be tasteful.


Because I am a person

It was evening. A father and his son were going along the road. There was a stone in the middle of the road. A father didn’t notice that stone and got stuck and hurt his leg. Taking his son, the father groaning went around the stone went away.

The next day they returned back the same way. His father didn’t notice the stone again and got stuck and hurt his leg. The third day a father and his son went the same way. The stone was far away from them. A father told his son:

  • Son, be attentive and go round the stone. That is that exactly place where I got stuck and hurt my leg.

Travelers went slowly but they didn’t find that stone. They saw an old man on either side of road.

  • Grandpa, haven’t you seen the stone here?
  • I put it away from the road.
  • Have you got stuck and hurt your leg?
  • No, I hadn’t got stuck and I didn’t hurt my leg.
  • So, explain why did you put it away?
  • Because I am a person – the boy stood thoughtfully.
  • Father, but what about you? Aren’t you a person?


Малюнок Гайчук В., 231 група


A greyhair

Little Mikhailik saw in his mother`s braid three grey-hair.

  • Mum, there are three grey-hairs in your braid, said Mikhailik. Mum laughed and did not say anything. In a few days Mikhailik saw in his mother`s braid four grey-hair.
  • Mum,- said Mikhail wonderingly,- there are four grey-hair in your braid but there were three grey-hair … Why is your hair getting grey?
  • Because of pain – answered Mother. When the heart is in pain, then the hair becomes grey.
  • Why is your heart in pain?
  • Remember, when you climbed on the highest tree. I looked out of the window and I saw you on the thin branch. The heart was in pain and the hair became grey.

Mikhail sat thoughtful and silent. Then came to his mum embraced her and asked quietly: – Mum, will the hair become grey when I sit on the thick branch?


Малюнок Мурару С., 142 група

A Drop of aWater
It was a hot July day. A group of pupils approached to the well under a high oak. They were returning from a tourist campaign. They were very thirsty. As closer was well, as they were walking faster.


Малюнок Клецько Т., 222 група

On the other side of the well grandmother was coming. She was very tired. A grandmother and tourists came to the well at the same time. There was a bucket of cold water standing on the ground. The children surrounded it and one by one drank water. A grandmother was pushed. She went to the oak and thoughtfully stood leaning on a tree.

When tourists drank water and went away, grandmother looked at them and shook her head. Those who rush to drink a drop of water before grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, will grow villain.


Малюнок Білич І., 222 група

An Оrder to Children


A father and a mother gave you a life and live for your happiness. Don’t hurt them. Their labor, perspiration, lassitude is all that yours parents give to you. Appreciate parent’s work. Your life, hardworking, love of science and respect to elders are the most happiness for your parents.  If people thought you are a bad person it is a big tragedy for your parents. To love them really means bringing peace and quiet to your houses.

Your family is not only a father and a mother. These are you, children. It is your behaving, actions.  Ask a father or a mother about things, which are forbidden doing without them. Be obedient children is really freedom of a daughter and a son. The first school of public education and the first discipline of your conscience is the conquest liberty of parents. If you don’t learn to obey the wishes of the parents, you could not become stable, courageous citizen, disciplined worker, faithful father for your children.

Ukrainian proverb says that a human has three misfortunes: old age, death and evil children. Old age is inevitable, death is inexorable. No one can shut the door of his house before these troubles. House can be saved from the evil kids as by fire. It depends not only from your parents, but also on yourself. Be good children means not to let old age of your father and mother was poisoned by your bad deeds. Be able to experience the most severe mental mother’s and father’s anguish. Their disease is your grief. Their failures and troubles at work are your trouble. Learn how to be kind of thoughts and feelings. Take care of your parent’s health. Remember that early age and disease of your parents brings not only work, fatigue, and heart and emotion, emotions, anxiety, trouble. Most parents affect children’s ingratitude, indifference of son or daughter. Be worthy of your parents.


Малюнок Павлюк Т., 241 група


An old man and death

Once upon a time was an old man. And he was one hundred years old. The death found out, that there lived an old man, came to him and said:

– Old man, it is time to die.

– Give me time to prepare – answered an old man.

– Good – said death – how long will you prepare?

– For about three days – said an old man.

Bony was interested: how was he preparing?

The first day had come. The old man came to the garden, dug a hole and planted a tree.

– What would he do the next day? – thought the death.

The next day had come. The old man came to the garden, dug holes, and planted more trees.

– What will he do the third day? – Thought death.

The third day had come. The old man came to the garden, dug holes and planted more trees.

  • Why are you planting trees? – Asked the death, – You will die tomorrow.

– To make something good, for people – answered an old man. The death scared and ran away to the forest.


Малюнок Наконечної В., 231 група

The Lost day

A father had three sons – three little boys.

  • Tell me how didyou spent the day .

Yurko said:

  • I planted a tree today.

The father said:

  • You hada good day .

Mikolka said:

  • Today I drew a bunny.
  • You spent a nice  day too – said the father.


Малюнок Бузанової К., 231 група

 Patrick replied:

  • I played with a ball today… and ate an ice cream.
  • You have lost the day – said the upset


Малюнок  Бондар К., 241 група

The Morning wind

     It was a quiet summer night. Everything occurred. And the wind fell asleep under a willow. But then arose lit morning. The Morning wind woke up and ran out of the bush. The Morning wind ran along the pond .It woke up the rush. The rush whispered and swung. And the butterfly was sleeping on the rush. And the butterfly woke up. The Morning wind flew to the village. The morning has already started. The sun will soon rise. The butterfly flew away to the rose. He sat on the flower and woke up that flower. Looked around, and the sun had already shined.


Good morning

    The father and the small son are going along forest trail. It is silence. The sun is shining. The woodpecker is knocking. The brook is rippling in the forest. Suddenly the son saw grandmother with a walking-stick. She was doing towards them.

  • Dad, where is grandmother going? – asked son.
  • She is going because she wants to see or meet. – Father answered.
  • When will we meet her, we must say “Good morning” – dad said.
  • Why should we say this word? – The son wondered. – We don’t know this grandmother.
  • When we meet and tell her “Good morning”, then you will see why.

Grandmother is here.

  • Good morning, – the son said.
  • Good morning, – the father said.
  • Good morning,- the grandmother answered and smiled.

And son was surprised to see: all changed around. The sun has begun to shine brightly. The light wind flashed on the upper trees. The birds sang in the shrubs.  The boy was happy.

  • Why is it so? – The son asked.
  • Because we said “Good morning” to grandmother and she smiled.


A Bunny and blueberry


The ground was covered with the snow. Bunny has nothing to eat. He saw red berries on the blueberry tree. It is running around the tree but berries are on the top of the tree. Bunny requests: “Give me, blueberry, one bunch of berries.”

And blueberry said to him: “Ask the Wind, it will help you”. Bunny asked Wind to help him.  The Wind flew to that place, shook blueberry. A bunch of red berries went away and fell on the snow. The Bunny is eating and telling “Thanks” to the Wind for blueberries.


Вдовиченко Т. 231 група

To avoid butterflys injury


A little girl Zoya was walking in the garden. She came up to the tree. The tree had very sharp thorns. A bright butterfly flew over the tree.-Oh, does not it afraid to fly? What if it gets on the thorn?Zoya came up to the tree.  She broke one thorn, the second, the third.Mother saw and asked:
-What are you doing, Zoya? Why did you break the thorns?
-To avoid  butterfly’s injury, – said Zoya.


Малюнок Лопати Н., 142 група


Навчальне видання

Деменнікова Тетяна Вікторівна


Казки та оповідання В.О.Сухомлинськогодля позакласного читання

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 для студентів I-го курсу

спеціальності 5.01010201 «Початкова освіта»

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